Facility Use Terms

By using these facilities, you freely and voluntarily assume the risks and hazards inherent to the nature of the facilities and activities therein. You understand and acknowledge that you or your dependents, as participants, may suffer personal and potentially serious injury, or illness including communicable diseases.

Entrants must pay admission, hold a current annual membership or monthly pass, or be registered in a program to be admitted. Westside does not offer in-and-out privileges for single admission.

Children under 13Y must be accompanied by an adult or have completed a Westside orientation. For times and details, see Youth Access. Swimmers 9Y and under must be accompanied and supervised by an adult in the water.

Maximum 4 children per adult. Groups of 10 or more are required to book ahead.

Payment is required at the time of registration. GST, where applicable, will be added to the program price.

Program registrants, including children under 2 years, must have a current membership to be eligible for member pricing on programs and childminding services.

Attendance in a program is only allowed for the specific session in which you have registered. Transfers and/or make-up classes are not offered.

All program participants are required to scan their valid Westside membership card or present the appropriate registration confirmation to the gate attendant to gain access to each class.

Registered program participants and parent spectators are granted admission 15 minutes prior to the program start time; departure is expected immediately following program end time. Admission must be paid if if the registrant or family members wish to use Westside facilities before, during or after a program.

Westside Recreation Centre is committed to ensuring the privacy, safety and comfort of all members, guests and staff. We recognize that the use of, and sharing via, social media is widespread. Please be mindful that capturing images or video or social media sharing should not be conducted in a way that negatively impacts the experience of others. Note the following while capturing images or video content within any Westside facility or area:

Photos and videos are permitted in designated areas of the facilities but must not be disruptive or uncomfortable for others;

Other Westside guests or staff must not be captured in photos or videos without their prior knowledge and express consent, or the express consent of a parent if the person photographed is under 18 years of age;

For the safety and privacy of all Westside guests, photos and videos are strictly prohibited at all times in change rooms, washrooms, steam rooms, showers, or any other private areas. We strongly recommend that users refrain from using any mobile device within private areas to avoid misunderstandings.

Westside assumes that anyone sharing user-generated content has permission and the right to do so. You are responsible for obtaining express permission prior to posting about any individual including their image, name, or other private information; in the case of a child, you must have express permission from their parent. Respect intellectual property rights and only post or share content that you have the right to use.