By using these facilities, you freely and voluntarily assume the risks and hazards inherent to the nature of the facilities and activities therein. You understand and acknowledge that you and/or your dependents, as participants, may suffer personal and potentially serious injury, or illness including communicable diseases.

Westside Regional Recreation Society (WRRS), and by extension, Westside Recreation Centre is committed to operating with the highest standards of business and personal ethics, and to meet all legal and regulatory requirements applicable to conducting its business. This Policy is not intended for general complaints that should be addressed through normal channels. For membership general complaints the complainant should first connect with a Supervisor/Manager of the area of concern, and if not satisfied with the response, then connect with the CEO. For employee general complaints or issues, the complaints or issues should be addressed with their Manager, HR or the CEO.

This Policy is intended to encourage employees and facility users to feel confident in raising serious organizational concerns at the earliest opportunity. Concerns may be reported confidentially and anonymously through a third-party vendor, available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week:

Integrity Counts
t: 1.866.921.6714 (toll-free in Canada)

The vendor will report immediately to the WRRS Chair of Governance, the Chair of the Board, and the CEO on any complaint that requires immediate action and investigation. All reports will be promptly investigated and appropriate action will be implemented, as required.

A quarterly (or as aligned with the WRRS Board Committee meetings) reporting email will be sent by the vendor to the Chair of the Governance Committee, and this report will include the number of incidents reported within the organization, and the status of any formal complaints.