Westside Recreation Centre respects the privacy of those who share personal information with us, including our members, customers and donors. We adhere to all legislated privacy regulations and do not sell, rent or trade information with any outside sources.

Westside Recreation Centre is committed to ensuring the privacy, safety and comfort of all members, guests and staff. We recognize that the use of, and sharing via, social media is widespread. Please be mindful that capturing images or video or social media sharing should not be conducted in a way that negatively impacts the experience of others. Note the following while capturing images or video content within any Westside facility or area:

Photos and videos are permitted in designated areas of the facilities but must not be disruptive or uncomfortable for others;

Other Westside guests or staff must not be captured in photos or videos without their prior knowledge and express consent, or the express consent of a parent if the person photographed is under 18 years of age;

For the safety and privacy of all Westside guests, photos and videos are strictly prohibited at all times in change rooms, washrooms, steam rooms, showers, or any other private areas. We strongly recommend that users refrain from using any mobile device within private areas to avoid misunderstandings.

Westside assumes that anyone sharing user-generated content has permission and the right to do so. You are responsible for obtaining express permission prior to posting about any individual including their image, name, or other private information; in the case of a child, you must have express permission from their parent. Respect intellectual property rights and only post or share content that you have the right to use.

Westside Recreation Centre facilities and premises are equipped with video surveillance cameras. Surveillance is used for the protection of our guests and staff to prevent theft, vandalism, and damage to Westside goods and property. Surveillance video footage is destroyed on a set schedule and is not shared with third parties unless there is suspicion of a crime. Police or similar government authorities may request and be provided with surveillance video in the event of a crime investigation.

Westside strictly adheres to all provincial and federal privacy laws and practices as they relate to video surveillance.

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